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Ease Expo admin can manage this RFP by his team.

About EaseExpo

Working with international partners can be challenging. But not anymore. You can now easily overcome all your global sourcing issue with an easy-to-use platform - Easy Expo. We aim to deliver effective solutions that reduce costs, errors, risks, and delays. By focusing on global supply chain solutions, export management, strategic sourcing, and quality control, we design solutions that meet all your business requirements. Right from procuring an order to delivery, you can streamline the entire sourcing management process with a single platform.

Product - Features

  • Admin manages the status(active/inactive) of each sales representative, suppliers, and shipping suppliers.
  • Request For Proposal: User or admin apply for the RFP. Supplier & shipping suppliers then will quote for that proposal.
  • Orders: Order is generated from RFP. An order will be completed after the completion of all tasks of all users.
  • Reports: Get the complete report of the ongoing, cancelled, and completed orders, as well as supplier and shipping supplier history.
  • Catalogue: Clients can view the prices of the internal products which is managed by their admins.
  • Analyze past orders and view the parameters, learn and take better well-informed decisions.

Efficient And Custom Sourcing Management Application

From concept to commercialization, our platform helps you improve operational productivity by combining supplier, product, and order data to manage all of the functional areas effortlessly.

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