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From concept to commercialization, our platform helps you improve operational productivity by combining supplier, product, and order data to manage all of the functional areas effortlessly.

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Captivate Your Guests With Our Digital Menu

Digital menu software that redefines your customer's dining experience!

Visually Appealing Menu

Customise your menu with mouth-watering images and descriptions. Our digital menu grabs the attention of your customers and leaves them longing for more.

Increased Turnover

Decrease human errors, streamline ordering processes, and enhance the quality of the service, which in turn increases revenue generation using one application.

Easy To Use Menu

Configure different menus, upload pictures and videos, etc. with our super simple and easy to use digital menu application. Also, add, remove, and modify items without a hassle.

Customise And Reorganise

Create a menu just the way you want it to be with features and custom images. You have the complete control to design the menu and give it your own personal touch.

Improved Customer Experience

Enthral your customers with a high-end digital menu that offers seamless interactive customer experience. Also, promote your offers and the day's specials.

Accelerated Service

Enthral your customers with a high-end digital menu that offers seamless interactive customer experience. Also, promote your offers and the day's specials.


Get the benefit of customising your menu with bespoke templates, authentic pictures, restaurant logo, and menu items. You can create a digital menu that personifies your brand and restaurant.

Work Offline

Prevent downtime and serve your customers without a hassle with MSSPL Digital Menu. The application does not need an endless internet connection to function.

Easy Modification

You can now tailor the menu items as per your preference and modify it just the way you like it. This way, your kitchen staff understands exactly what the menu for the day is.

Interactive Menu

Categorising your digital menu into groups and items enhances the customer experience. They can navigate easily and know precisely what they are looking for.

Fast Search Option

The quick search option allows your customers and staff to instantly get a specific item they are looking for. This not only saves time but also improves the dining experience.

Seamless Menu Configuration

MSSPL Digital Menu integrates smoothly with the web and mobile application. You can easily create new menus, add features, change prices, or even remove items from the menu.

Feedbacks & Surveys

Our digital menu helps you gain instant customer feedback and surveys which fosters customer loyalty. Besides that, it helps you keep a record of the customer's behaviour and improve your service if required.


MSSPL Digital Menu ensures that all the tablets and iPads are updated with the changes immediately. It has a superb sync functionality that enables uninterrupted updates across all devices.

Why Customers will love MSSPL Digital Menu

  1. Decreased wait time
  2. Get the complete history of the cuisines
  3. In-depth details about the item
  4. User-friendly
  5. Time-saving

Why Restaurant staff will love MSSPL Digital Menu

  1. Efficient guest service
  2. Effective order management
  3. Customised menu for the day
  4. Simple menu configuration
  5. Decreased human errors

Go Green. Go Digital

Why be old school with printed menus when you can capture the attention of your customer with an incredible digital menu. And the best part is, it's eco-friendly as well! You not only get to deliver great service but also take care of the environment. MSSPL Digital Menu caters to all sizes of business from the food and beverage industry. Whether you have a small cafe or a fine dining restaurant, our digital menu is ideal for you.

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